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Title: 3 Tips to Get Your Work Done on Time — Project Management
Category: Collaboration

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Have you ever wondered how we make sure we hit our project deadlines? Want to know how to give better direction to your team? Are you curious about how to figure out how long a project will take?
If you've ever had to direct or manage a team, you know that it can be a little tricky to get what you need to be done, on time, so you can go home on time. In this video, we'll share our top 3 tips, when it comes to working with your team, so you deliver your projects like a pro.
Tip 1: Kick things off with a clear brief
Before you start any project, create a clear brief for your team. This should include: - the goal of the project - context of where it will be shown and who it's intended for
- creative parameters to work within - and assigned tasks for every member of the team.
This should give everyone a clear idea of what they should make, and what they are responsible for.
Tip 2: Set Expectations and Get Buy-In
It's really easy to bark orders at your team.
A better way to give direction is to set expectations clearly and leave room for the person receiving direction to agree or tell you it's too much on their plate.
You'll have more transparency in communication with your team. and the other person holds themselves accountable because they've bought in and agree.
Tip 3: Set an internal deadline with padding If you have external clients or stakeholders, and you need to present the work of the team to them, sometimes you might find yourself up against the deadline.
To deal with this, I recommend setting internal deadlines that are 1-2 days before it has to go out. If something needs to be posted by Friday, I may set our internal deadline for Thursday morning. As a manager, this gives me extra time to review the work, give feedback and make adjustments, before it goes out for the higher-ups to review.
This should prevent you from staying late because you have ample padding– before the deadline –
to adjust or course correct any missteps in the process
00:43 - TIP 1: Start with a clear brief
00:50 - One problem with manager that leads to confusion for the team
01:24 - Criteria of a clear brief
02:04 - TIP 2: Set expectations and get buy in
02:14 - How should you give directions to your team
02:40 - Common mistake of the people below you
03:10 - Formula to assign task to your team
03:49 - An alternative to ask for deadline
04:30 - TIP 3: Set an internal deadline with padding
04:42 - Worst situation when working with a team that doesn’t deliver on time
05:15 - How you should set deadline within your team


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