Sun, Sep 27 2020

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Author: Ryan Ryan
Title: Do Something Great - Ryan Anderson

Do Something Great - Ryan Anderson

In this video, I have the pleasure of talking to a good friend, Ryan Anderson. We unpack a lot and find out why "Do Something Great" is so important to Ryan:
1. How has office furniture evolved as the workplace has evolved?
2. Technology drives mobility
3. How does Herman Miller carry out their research?
4. Is a desk always a desk?
5. What do real estate teams need to know about their technology teams and vice versa
6. What's the difference in working at established companies like Steelcase and Herman Miller to working at startups like Teem and Wework?
7. What is digital transformation
8. How is technology and furniture going to evolve in the future?
9. How collaboration has changed because of software
10. The future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the workplace.
A big thank you to Ryan for taking the time to provide these insights.

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