Wed, Aug 04 2021

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Author: Chris Chris
Title: ROI on Communicating to Employees - The Right Way: Chris Wallace - InnerView

Co-Founder and President of InnerView Group, Chris Wallace discusses internal branding and how it impacts the employee experience, retention, and ROI with Steve Todd.
"If employees are performing better, they are happier in their role which leads to increased employee retention." Chris Wallace
In this interview Chris discusses:
- Why internal brand messaging needs created and delivered differently to external branding
- Why packaging brand principles to employees is different in different organizations
- How to connect with employees with an experiential approach
- The importance of asking employees how they like to consume information
- Use employees to solve problems
- ROI on communicating the right way to employees
- Improve employee engagement by asking employees in a structured way and have a structure in place to respond
Thank you to Chris for such an engaging conversation.
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