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Author: Michael Michael
Title: How Does The Future of Work Impact Your Real Estate Strategy with Michael Ippolito


How Does The Future of Work Impact Your Real Estate Strategy?

In this video, I have the pleasure of talking to Michael Ippolito, a trusted friend, and advisor.  We unpack a lot and get Michael's perspective on real estate strategy with the evolution of corporate real estate.
Our conversation was forward-looking - how do companies align their business planning, workforce planning, growth strategy with real estate planning.  Some of the questions and topics we cover are listed below:
- Will Smart Contracts hurt real estate Brokers?
- What motivates enterprise clients to utilize coworking space?
- Do enterprise clients seeking a global or local coworking provider?
- Are coworking providers seeking longer-term commitments from enterprise clients? 
- What excites Michael about the future of real estate?  Michael digs deep into technology, FASB, coworking, Robotics, Urbanization, long term real estate planning, future of work, True cost of real estate portfolio
- Relationship between workplace productivity and employee experience
- How does Michael stay energized?  For anyone who knows Michael, no matter what time of day you call, he is ready to go.
Thank you to Michael for taking the time to record this video and for the continued support he provides to Open Sourced Workplace.  After the recording we discussed how we need to dig into each of these, keep watching this space.
My apologies for some of the video quality during this interview.  
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