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Title: The #1 Cause Of Stress In Our Lives And How To Manage It - Jacob Morgan
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What are you doing to manage your stress at work? It is so easy these days to get burnt out and overworked with the current pace of work. We are constantly bombarded with emails, text messages, phone calls, new technologies, new projects, urgent deadlines, etc… In the United States 25% of workers consider their job to be the #1 cause of stress in their lives. Stress doesn’t just affect our quality of work, but it also affects our personal lives and our relationships with others. We have to find ways to deal with our stress.

It cannot be solely up to the organization to help employees deal with stress. Yes they can provide health and wellness programs, they can have benefits that help employees pay for mental and physical health issues but ultimately the responsibility lies with the individual employee.

First of all it is important to pay attention to your stress levels. Take time to analyze and audit your stress levels. Try to figure out what your stress triggers are, set boundaries at work, exercise, eat well, get enough sleep and remember tomorrow is a new day.




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