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Author: Steve Steve
Title: Last Week in CRE Tech Jan 2019 - DisruptCRE

Office WeWork — NYC-based coworking space company, had their SoftBank investment slashed down from $16B to additional $2B in investment.

Zan Compute — Santa Clara, Calif.-based smart facility management AI platform company, raised in excess of $1M in its seed funding round Multifamily - Home Bay — San Diego, CA-based full-service digital real estate company, received $13.5M in Series A-1 funding

Carson — New York City-based creator of an integrated technology platform and service for unstaffed residential buildings, raised $3M in seed financing Retail Grabango — Berkeley, Calif.-based provider of enterprise class, checkout-free technology for existing stores, raised $12M in Series A financing Niantic, Inc. — San Francisco, CA-based maker of mobile real world experiences that foster fun, exploration, discovery and social interaction, raised $190.5M in funding Olo — NYC-based digital ordering and delivery platform for the restaurant industry, raised $18M in funding Industrial Flytrex — Tel Aviv, Israel-based on-demand drone delivery technology company, raised $7.5M in Series B funding Construction StructionSite Inc. — Oakland, CA-based provider of intelligent construction management software, raised its $1.5M seed round of financing CRE Operations TrackTik Software Inc. — Montreal, Canada-based cloud-based integrated security workforce management software startup, raised $45M in financing Bowery Valuation — NYC-based real estate appraisal startup, raised $12M in Series A funding Transportation ClearMotion, Inc. — Boston, MA-based automotive technology company focused on proactive ride systems, raised a $115M Series D financing Smart Cities Scape Technologies — London, UK-based provider of a cloud-driven visual engine that allows camera devices to understand their environment, using computer vision, raised $8M in seed funding GeoSpock — Cambridge, UK-based extreme-scale spatial big data integration company that provides analytics, builds insight, and enables predictions across space and time, raised £10m ($12.9M) in Seres A+ funding Sunfire GmbH — Dresden, Germany-based developer and manufacturer of electrolysers and fuel cells, secured €25M ($28.6M) in Series C financing round

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