Fri, Sep 18 2020

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Author: Katy Katy
Title: Holistic Approach to CRETech - Katy Redmond


Holistic Approach to CRETech - Katy Redmond


Steve Todd Founder of Open Sourced Workplace chats with Katy Redmond, National Director, JLL Technologies: IWMS, IoT, Smart Buildings/Smart Workplace, Digital Transformation.

It was fun chatting with Katy and we covered a lot - Holistic Approach to CRETech
- What attracted Katy to corporate real estate and specifically CRETech
- Who owns CRETech within organizations
- What motivates clients to invest in CRETEch
- How is the market evaluating IWMS
- Why organizations need a holistic approach to CRETech
- How to identify ROI on workplace productivity
- Connecting HR - Tech - CRE
- IWMS are evolving and are now leading Facility Managers
- To maximize workplace productivity and employee experience - organizations need to listen because each industry and organization is different. One size does not fit all.
Thank you to Katy for taking the time to chat with me.
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