Mon, Apr 19 2021

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Author: Mike Mike
Title: Workplace Paradox | Mike Petrusky

Steve Todd Founder of Open Sourced Workplace chats with Mike Petrusky, host of the Workplace Innovator podcast by iOFFICE.

It was fun chatting with Mike. We did have a lot of fun, especially towards the end. Also, see how I mess up....Mike obviously sings and does an impression or two.
We did also cover a lot:
- Did Mike set out to create one of the most successful Workplace podcasts?
- The personal decision on selecting iOFFICE
- Mike has the privilege of chatting with so many experts - what has he learned?
- What is the Workplace Paradox?
- Why do employees resist change?
- How does the size of the company, geography or industry impact the workplace?
- If things are too easy, are we less productive?
- We are the most connected yet never the most isolated we've ever been
- To maximize workplace productivity and employee experience - get comfortable being uncomfortable.
Thank you to Mike for taking the time to chat with me. I always enjoy spending time with you.
We used Zoom to record this video - check it out here
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