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Title: Morning Motivation: MORNING W.O.O.P. CHALLENGE
Category: Private Office Space

Daily WOOP Worksheet:

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This productivity challenge is based on the book 'Rethinking Positive Thinking' by Gabriele Oettingen.

You can get the book here: My animated video on 'Rethinking Positive Thinking': My 5-Day Challenge Report:

DAY 1: Took the authors advice and made my goal something I 'fully expected' to complete (a highly feasible goal), but slightly challenging. This forced me to scale back my initial goal of: 'write and complete the script for my next book video today' (rather ambitious for me), to something that seemed much more likely to happen: 'write a draft script for my next video, however bad it might be.' I found that having an extremely high expectation of success compelled me to take more action and make noticeably more progress than I have in the past. I went beyond my goal/wish and completed two full revisions of my initial draft before the end of the day. For future days I will scale back the goal by until I find the sweet spot of 'fully expect to complete it' but 'slightly challenging.'

DAY 2: I found that recalling my 'outcome/benefit' and 'internal obstacle' and performing rapid mental contacting later in the day (feeling the benefit, feeling the internal struggle, feeling the benefit...), increased my focus and energy in the afternoon when I noticed it starting to dip. This mental contracting provided me with the drive I needed to complete the audio recording for my next video.

DAY 3: I've discovered that each time I complete the WOOP exercise I write down one of two ‘internal obstacles': feeling overwhelmed/paralyzed (due to a need for perfection and certainty - as detailed in the video), and routinely being lost in thought for extended periods of time. Lost in thought refers to my tendency to get distracting by a good idea that is unrelated to my current goal. I find that I can't help exploring the new idea for few a minutes because I don’t want to forget it. However, a few minutes often turns into an hour. For that hour I didn’t make progress on my goal, and that’s a problem. My response plan: quickly jot down the idea on a piece of paper and get back to it later in the day (at a set time), and then return to my goal by forgetting the new idea for the time being.

DAY 4: Didn't complete WOOP until 11 am today. Before my 11 am WOOP, my focus was scattered, but afterward, I found myself being less distracted while animated my next video. I am still shocked at how this simple exercise, that doesn't seem that revolutionary, can have a powerful impact on my focus during the day.

DAY 5: My most useful and relied upon 'response plan' during this 5-day challenge has been the '1,2,3 tiny action' detailed in the video. Taking an immediate action towards my goal, however small, is a great way to quiet the mind and preventing an internal obstacle from growing into a paralyzing force. Would love to hear your experience with the challenge in the comments below.

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