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Author: Adriana  Adriana
Title: How to Create a Healthy Work Environment

How to Create a Healthy Work Environment / A healthy office environment boosts productivity and morale.

Workplaces today face many challenges with employees subjected to deliver more for less. These expectations promote high stress levels that may result in low effectiveness, creativity, and productivity in employees but also declining employee morale. The complete opposite of what workplaces want.

By bringing 3 distinct and somewhat avant garde ideas together—mindfulness, visioning and productivity (aka The MVP Approach)— to businesses will create a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

Mindfulness: Companies are now embracing mindfulness as a complimentary approach to goal setting and employee engagement.

Visioning: Inspiration to achieve a desired future state is a critical factor in moving your organization to the next level.

Productivity: work smarter, not harder! Having efficient processes are important. It leads to fewer errors, stress-free employees, less duplication and ultimately happy customers.

This trailblazing approach looks at your business from a holistic perspective, taking an integrative approach that shifts a workplace culture to a more collaborative, highly focused one that can more readily identify opportunities for growth and resolve business challenges efficiently and mindfully.

Learn more about this technique in my in-depth radio interview on The Night Side (NewsTalk 1010) with Barb DiGiulio.

Newstalk 1010, The Night Side:

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