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Author: Adriana  Adriana
Title: Voicemail Etiquette (How to leave a professional voicemail message)

Voicemail Etiquette (How to leave a professional voicemail message)

"Please leave a message after the beep" – does this make you nervous, do you sometimes sound like a nervous stumbling fool when leaving a voicemail message for a business contact? If you want to leave the kind of professional, courteous phone message that won’t embarrass you – stay tuned for my voicemail etiquette at work formula. You’ll learn how to leave a professional voicemail message.

In this video, I cover etiquette rules for voicemail to ensure that you leave effective voicemails, every time! I also give you some professional phone etiquette examples that you can use.

I’m going to give you my top voicemail etiquette tips to ensure that those receiving your messages are happy to hear from you. I still use these voicemail tips myself when leaving a voicemail message because they work so well.

Learning how to leave a message is a start to creating good relationships. Good relationships creates a successful careers.

These other leaving voicemail etiquette videos may be setting you up when it comes to leaving important messages and I explain exactly why in the video. Don't let these words 'Please leave a message" make you nervous anymore!

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