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Title: The Importance Of Being Human At Work In A Technology Driven World - Jacob Morgan
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Get my free training series and learn how the world’s best organizations create amazing employee experiences: Being human seems like a trait that shouldn’t be considered a skill, it should just be a way of being that comes naturally to us as humans. But over the past few decades we have done a great job of removing what makes us truly human from the workplace. We’ve been conditioned to leave emotions, empathy, vulnerability, self-awareness, etc… at the door when we come into work. In today’s discussion I will be touching on three main points: Why is it so important to be human in the workplace? What does it mean to be human at work and how do we do it? What are the benefits of being human at work? We created mundane, repetitive jobs for technology, but we didn’t have the technology needed yet so we used people to fill these roles. Now that we have the technology needed to take over these monotonous jobs we can focus on being truly human in the workplace and we can finally use our natural skills to connect with employees, co-workers, and customers. As I have said before, every company can exist without technology but no company can exist without people. Our human skills are more valuable now than ever before. In this world filled with technology clients, customers, and employees want to be able to interact with humans who are empathetic, honest, and transparent. To be human at work simply means using the skills that we are born with as human beings, the skills that set us apart from technology. These skills include collaboration, communication, vulnerability, mentoring, coaching, empathy, creativity, innovation and on and on. So what are the benefits of being human at work? Individuals who can be truly human at work will be in higher demand. People will want to work with you, people will want to work for you, and you will have a lot more opportunities open up for you. In a technology driven world those who practice human skills will reign supreme. ---------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE FUTURE IN FIVE Will AI take over the world? Will cars drive themselves? What will the employees, managers, and organizations of the future look like and will we all have jobs we love? Join best-selling author and futurist Jacob Morgan each week as he explores these topics and more. The Future in Five is a series that seeks to bring inspiration, education, and wonder to a topic that impacts every human being on the planet, the future of work. Jacob Morgan is a keynote speaker, best-selling author (his most recent book is “The Future of Work”), and futurist. He explores how the world of work is changing and what employees, managers, and organizations need to do to adapt. You can also subscribe to Jacob’s newsletter to get weekly content on the future of work to work with Jacob or have him speak at your event visit Website: Facebook: Twitter: Linked In:

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