Fri, Sep 18 2020

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Author: Adriana  Adriana
Title: SIPOC Diagram Simplified [WHAT IS A SIPOC]

SIPOC Diagram Simplified [WHAT IS A SIPOC] / Let’s talk SIPOC! Have you ever tried to do a SIPOC diagram, or is this totally new for you? Maybe you’re asking yourself, what is SIPOC? Well, in this SIPOC diagram video we’re going to discuss how to use a SIPOC diagram. In this video, you’ll discover answers to questions like:

• What is a SIPOC?

• What does SIPOC stand for?

• What is the purpose of a SIPOC?

• How do I create a SIPOC, step-by-step?

• Explain SIPOC meaning

• Give you a SIPOC example and a SIPOC model

• Go through a SIPOC analysis

After watching this, you won’t ever have to ask, “what is a SIPOC diagram?” again.

So, press play to hear the SIPOC diagram explained!

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