Sun, Aug 01 2021

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Author: Mark  Mark
Title: Mark Gilbreath, LiquidSpace & Kyle Coolbroth, Fueled Collective - The Flexible Office Economy

Join host Mark Gilbreath for "THE FLEXIBLE OFFICE ECONOMY" a thoughtful and thought-provoking podcast featuring candid conversations with innovators and leaders from across the Flexible Office Economy.


What you'll hear on this episode

Insights from an OG of Coworking; How principles of The Experience Economy are shaping the evolution of Coworking; Expanding the margin opportunity in Coworking; Asset yield optimization; The human need to belong; The social dimension of work and workplace

People and companies mentioned

Fueled CollectiveLiquidSpace, Coco, Joseph Pine, James Gilmore, Starbucks, Soho House, Tishman Speier, The Battery, Wingtip, Neuehouse

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What is the main business driver for workplace professionals post-vaccine?

  • Deeper alignment with HR
  • Focus on technology and digitization
  • Focus on employee health and wellbeing
  • Owning the workplace experience
  • Development and deployment of a new workplace strategy
  • Sustainability & Environmental initiatives
  • Cost containment and reductions

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