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Title: The Trend Driving the Expansion of New Coworking Spaces

In this episode, we discuss the major trends that are driving the expansion and opening of new coworking spaces. This data was gathered from 2019 CMCAs Official Data Report so you can better understand the contemporary coworking scene.

In the full report, we illuminate the key demographics of our voters, their coworking habits and expectations, and special behind-the-scenes insights from coworking space staff. This data is critical to understanding what people really value while coworking and which features make for the best coworking spaces around the world.


2019 CMCAs Official Data Report Show Notes:

00:58 - The expansion and opening of new coworking spaces 03:43 - What is driving the trend of the new location openings? 05:49 - Building a digital community and long term members 06:30 - Three key episode takeaways + episode closing

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What is the main business driver for workplace professionals post-vaccine?

  • Deeper alignment with HR
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  • Sustainability & Environmental initiatives
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