Mon, Jul 26 2021

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Joseph Aamidor is a subject matter expert in the built environment (buildings, IoT, energy and sustainability) with years of experience in consulting and software product management, sales, and implementation.

Mike Petrusky asks Joe about his data-driven focus and how today’s workplace technology is no longer just about energy and use, but can also provide insight into how operationally efficient buildings can be for the occupants of these facilities. With the huge number of technology providers in our complex and fragmented industry, Joe offers advice for workplace decision-makers to be more confident when approaching vendor selection. He shares his multi-step process to technology procurement and reminds us about the importance of education and training for successful adoption after a new software solution is implemented.

Mike and Joe discuss how focusing on technology can allow industry professionals to provide workplace as a service and deliver an end-user experience that will help to attract and retain talent while also addressing privacy and security concerns. This episode features multiple inspirational quotes and Mike asks Joe about Star Wars, plus they discover an uplifting way to share music from Radiohead!

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