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Title: Everybody Who Eats Needs To Hear This Warning | David Perlmutter on Health Theory
Category: Art

Dr. David Perlmutter is a Board-Certified Neurologist and the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Grain Brain.

In this episode of Health Theory, he and host Tom Bilyeu discuss the important health metrics to pay attention to, how lifestyle affects health, and the importance of connection.



The cutting edge in health now [01:09]

How to use your genetics to your advantage [04:34]

Is lower blood sugar always better? [06:02]

Why there is no treatment for Alzheimer’s [08:07]

The effects of exercise on your brain [12:16]

Why aerobic exercise makes sense from an ancestral perspective [19:00]

Is a vegan diet bad for blood sugar? [20:55]

Are fecal transplants the future of Autism treatment? [24:37]

Why now is the time to prevent dementia [31:30]

Why you may not need to lower your cholesterol [33:33]

How you can actually prevent dementia [38:54]

The importance of sending the right signals to your genes [41:55]

Are we all brainwashed? [46:53]

DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Grain Brain by David Perlmutter: https://amzn.to/2DvlpvW

Dirty Genes by Ben Lynch: https://amzn.to/2FYJdd8


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