Sun, Aug 01 2021

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Author: Nicholas  Nicholas
Title: Workplace Technology with Nick Austin, Comfy

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Steve Todd Founder of Open Sourced Workplace chats with Nick Austin, Comfy.
As always, it was fun chatting with Nick.
We covered a lot just before the holidays :
- What is Smart Building?
- Where should occupiers spend money first in a smart building?
- Why should a company care about utilizing smart building technologies
- Design a workplace that's better than an employee's home
- Use qualitative and quantitative feedback to measure workplace success
- Move management is hard
- Team proximity
- Assigned seating trends
- Maximize productivity by doing the right work at the right time
Thank you to Nick for taking the time to chat with me. Check out Comfy's YouTube channel here 
We used Zoom to record this video - check out Zoom here
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