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Author: Amanda Amanda
Title: Understanding the Intelligent Office: A Corporate Real Estate Guide to IoT in the Workplace
Category: Desks

Understanding the Intelligent Office: A Corporate Real Estate Guide to IoT in the Workplace

Written By Dusty Duistemars
Animation by Amanda Cerny 
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The market is flooded with buzzwords like ‘IoT’, ‘sensors’ and ‘live utilization’, but there’s little context provided about how these technologies fit into a larger ecosystem or how to build a business case for them.
First, a few relevant statistics to keep in mind as you read and begin thinking about that business case:
- 90% of our lives are spent indoors
- Over 75% of people work in a commercial facility (over half in an office setting)
- Roughly 50% of assigned offices are underutilized
- 50% of seats in meeting rooms (for 8+) go unused
- Up to 40% of scheduled meetings are no shows/ghost meetings
- Over 30% of meetings are impromptu
- Approximately 30 minutes/week/employee are spent trying to locate available meeting rooms
- Approximately 40 minutes/week/employee are spent in corporate cafeteria wait lines.
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Daniel Schwartz
This article does a great job distilling iot and workplace to easy and digestible info. Fantastic.

Apr 08, 2019

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