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Stormy Friday is an internationally recognized speaker in facility management, is Chair of the ProFMI Commission, and has served on the IFMA Board of Directors and the BOMI International Board of Trustees, Stan Mitchell is CEO of Key Facilities Management International and a recognized pioneer in the development of FM as a professional discipline worldwide, and Kylash Ramesh serves as a Management Analyst in the Division of Facilities Operations & Maintenance at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD.

In April 2020, Mike Petrusky had the chance to ask each of these FM leaders questions about the COVID-19 crisis when he hosted the sold-out, one-hour ProFM Town Hall event called “Short and Long-Term Implications of the Pandemic on Facility Management”.

They discussed the immediate impact the coronavirus lockdown has had on jobs, shared highlights of the unsung heroes of facility management, provided advice on how to handle the re-opening of facilities, and they looked ahead to the lasting effect of the pandemic on facility management.

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What is the main business driver for workplace professionals post-vaccine?

  • Deeper alignment with HR
  • Focus on technology and digitization
  • Focus on employee health and wellbeing
  • Owning the workplace experience
  • Development and deployment of a new workplace strategy
  • Sustainability & Environmental initiatives
  • Cost containment and reductions

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