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Title: 10 Evidence Based Ways to Boost Employee Wellbeing
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Corporate wellness is not a new concept. It has been around for decades at this point, although it has expanded dramatically in recent years as the impact of employee well-being on performance, productivity, employee retention, and overall business success is becoming more recognized. While there are thousands of ways business owners, HR professionals, and other decision-makers can help employees improve their well-being, not all of them are effective. This report will highlight 10 of the most effective methods, how each works, and how both employees and the overall organization will benefit.

Why Well-Being Matters Before we delve into how to improve employee well-being, it’s important to establish why it matters in the first place. Employee health and wellness has a significant impact on business success over time, but doesn’t well-being fall into the realm of personal responsibility, rather than corporate responsibility? That might have been true at one point, but today, it falls under corporate responsibility. Not only that, but it has come to be a key consideration for creating a healthy corporate culture, and fostering the best employee retention.

Narration by Alek Dincoff

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